Thursday, June 26, 2008

The fantastic f

This a train of thought, so, “All Aboard!”

A whole lot of things I have been planning to blog about are all getting done here at once. I have a degree in Economics, and I ain’t afraid to use what little I still have of it.

Before I blogged, I wondered how bloggers came up with so much to write about. Then Steve introduced me to Google Reader. Now I have too much to read, and I have too many ideas.

Google Reader is where I found The Secret is in the Sauce. I think it is a creative way to get a blog out there for others to see. I am a devoted lurker. I cannot bring myself to ‘Roll Call’ anymore. I can’t. I did it once, and it just wasn’t me. So I guess they will have to kick me out of the club or something for not making the daily ‘I was here’ comment on the blog. I can’t qualify as a SITSTA, but maybe I can be a LITSTA, a Lurker in the Sauce. That said, I do go check out most of their featured bloggers.

Yesterday’s featured blogger was This is the Life, and I especially liked The Name Cemetery. Why? Well, I liked her creative use of font sizes. Mostly though, it was because that particular one was about something that I have wanted to blog about. Me. Or my name anyway.

My mom did me the HUGE favor of naming me Stefanie instead of Stephanie. She said it was to shorten my name. My last name was 10 letters long, so let me count the ways that I benefited from being

Stefanie TenLetters

instead of

Stephanie TenLetters.

How about having to spell it several times for someone who is not really listening? No.

How about when I was in third grade and the teacher got mad so we had to write our names 50 or 100 times? No. That one letter did not ease my pain. I did not even once thank my mom for that one letter that was the make or break on my writer's cramp.

Filling in 18 instead of 19 horrible bubbles on standardized tests? Nope. Zero benefit.

ummm....there is one! I think my f looks fantastic. Especially in the font where the f swoops down below and to the left. That is one awesome f. Now I gotta go see if I can find that font.

Be right back...

I liked dearJoe5 at The Font Pool, but it was $39 to buy the font that looks a lot like how I write. It has a fantastic f. Seriously, type Stefanie in there at dearJoe5 and then just admire for a while.

I digress. The train seems to have stopped at a station called Hubris.

Since I am now back on track, I can say that I learned out how to edit the Html here on my little blog, and settled for:


f is free in Monotype Corsiva, so that will have to do for now. That’s a fantastic f.

At The Name Cemetery, there is a link Social Security’s popular Popular Baby Names site. Oh what fun!

Stefanie was ranked 525 the year I was born, fell slowly into oblivion and entered The Name Cemetery in 2002.

Stephanie (the selfish letter collector) has been in the top 100 since the 1960's. She may have better stats, but I have the

fantastic f.


Tracy P. said...

Hi SteFanie!

You may be a lurker, but I found you at Suzanne the Farmer's Wife today, and am nominating you for comment of the week. I LOVE that you are bringing the "device" basket.

Blessings to you today!

The SITS Girls said...

Well, you won comment of the week.... sorry you don't like to roll call. Do we seem like the kind of girls that would kick you out? Hope not.

Well, congratulations. If you would like the "comment junkie" t-shirt, email us. If not, we totally understand.

steph said...

hey..i didn't get to choose my spelling of stephanie...