Thursday, June 12, 2008

21 bottles of product in the stall, 21 bottles of product....

There are 21 bottles of product in our shower area.

I just counted.



We have 1 shower.

We are 4 people.

And 1 dog.

The dog does not currently have any products in the stall.

1 of the 5 pink bottles is not technically a bottle.

It's a squeeze tube of hair remover.

It has a matching thing that is not technically a razor.

It's a scraper.

1 bottle is shower cleaner that you are supposed to use after every shower.

It's been there for over 1 year and it is 1/2 full.

I keep forgetting to spray after each shower.

Steve has 1 bottle of $.99 shampoo.

His hair is about 1/4 inch long.

His shampoo lasts for a long time.

I have 1 bottle of shampoo.

It's for color treated hair.

My hair would be an odd combination of gray and brown if I didn't go see Sandy every 5 weeks.

That leaves 17.

For 2 people.

For 2 teenager people.

I laugh.

It's more of a snort.

"What's so funny?"

"We have 21 bottles of product in the shower."

My question was answered before I asked it.

"11 of them are mine."

Mo is my daughter.

Sometimes we think alike.

"I counted the bottles this morning.

4 are shampoos.

For curly hair.

For different purposes for curly hair.

Used at different times.

For different purposes for curly hair.

1 of them is conditioner.

For curly hair.

2 are for shaving.

2 are body wash.

2 are for the face.

I'm going to bed now.

Good night!"

I snort again.

That leaves 6 for El.

She's younger.

She just read this.

She laughs.

I smile.

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