Wednesday, May 7, 2008

save $ shopping

Last night, El,Mo and I went shopping. I don't like shopping. We all needed some new clothes, so we went shopping. I tried to make the best of it, but I wasn't in the mood for shopping.

Part of why I don't like shopping is because I always feel like there has to be some way that things could be cheaper. If I waited until this weekend, would there be a sale? Was there a sale last weekend? Why does this tag have a rectangular sticky gunk shape over the price? Did it used to be on clearance? Did someone peel the sale sticker off just before I came in? The money saving possibilities overwhelm me.

I discovered a secret a while back. It happened when we discontinued the subscription to the newspaper. I don't get the coupons anymore, so now I ask as I am making a purchase, "Am I missing out on a coupon?"

Maureen at JC Penney is my new favorite sales associate. She saved me 8 dollars last night.

I still don't like shopping.

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