Tuesday, April 1, 2008

if you treat people right

Our mornings usually begin with a little something from NPR. I don't usually choose to listen to NPR in the daytime, but I like it much better as my morning wake up than monotonous beeping. Or shock jockeys. Or music.

I'm not an easy person to awaken. Steve will testify. Usually he leaves the alarm on when he gets up, and sometimes it takes me ten or fifteen minutes to hear what is being said. I am more in tune with the shower turning off, because that is my signal to get up and get moving. The radio just happens to be background noise. It's a good excuse to procrastinate a little longer. Occasionally, I am really interested in what I am listening to (when I finally become conscious of my sense of hearing), so I must not move or I will miss some words.

Lately I've heard about the housing crisis and the endless primaries. On Sundays it's a local show called Voices in the Family that has some interesting topics of discussion.

Morning Edition is what is usually on when Steve gets up. I had to look at NPR's website to be sure. I like the variety of topics discussed. But my favorite thing to hear is the oral history of StoryCorps. Apparently that's only on Fridays, but I didn't know that until just now when I was trying to track down all this foggy morning information. I would prefer to hear less news and more oral history. I might wake up faster. Some of the stories are sad, but even in the sadness there is often humor and hope. Last week, there was a hero, Julio Diaz.

Stop now and listen.

I was so amazed by his simple story, I told Mo about it when I was driving her to school. I was still thinking about it a couple of days later, so I found the link above and listened again. I left it up and found El reading it later.

It sure is a lot easier to treat people right when you love them. When you can get something in return. When they are nice to you.

Do I treat people right when they have wronged me, when they have nothing to offer, or when it's a risk?

Do you?

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