Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You'll get worms...

Warning: This post is not for queasy stomachs, clean freaks, or for anyone who thinks highly of me. It's kind of earthy.

One of my mom's favorite sayings was, "You'll get worms!"

If she was right, I got worms when I was a kid. I got them from raw hamburger, chewing my toenails, and eating boogers. I got worms when I snitched the unwashed raw potato. Hot dogs straight from the package? While frozen? You guessed it. Worms.

I was amazed when I finally saw tapeworms in a museum. I was scared. Worms. They were realllllllly loooong. I had already written off toenails and boogers by then, but I still had a thing for food in it's precooked state. Until I saw the worm tube.

I didn't get worms the time I climbed up on the counter and ate the 'candy for moms only' that was kept on the top shelf. You guessed it. I got a lot of birth control pills. And a trip to the doctor.

I also didn't get worms the time I drank bleach. I got to throw up. Or drink milk. I can't remember now. But I definitely did not get worms.

Do steel marbles cause worms? You'll have to wait that out. I know I did.

Steve's favorite food is raw cookie dough. He calls cookies 'Ruined Cookie Dough'. He has taught the girls to love raw cookie dough too.

They're all gonna get worms. I heard it from an expert.

Here is some other advice. I'm pretty sure there is nothing about worms, though.

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