Saturday, February 9, 2008


El,Mo love it when we remember how they used to say things when they were little. We have many memory wrapped words that we still use regularly in our family instead of boring English.

When El was about two and really making advances in verbal self-expression, we called her more inventive phrases 'Elie-sclamations'. Mo never got a name for hers for some unknown reason, but that doesn't mean that she didn't have any. Or that they are any less abundant or treasured. I think it has to do with personality. El kind of goes through life 'sclaiming for all to hear and enjoy, while Mo has just as much to say but doesn't feel the need to attract an audience.

That said, I need a tag for these particular types of blog entries. I know there will be more. So, I have invented the word 'sclamation. Then it can apply to both El,Mo. The problem with inventing a word is that someone(s) else has already thought of my new word. I just got 121 Google hits for 'sclamation.

A while ago, I looked outside and to my snow-deprived joy, it was SNOWFLAKING!

Snowflaking is one of our 'sclamations for those who haven't been following my train of thought.

Mo just peeked over my shoulder at the title of this entry and then looked out the window and said, "It's RAINDROPPING!"

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