Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Googling is why it's Because I Pause

I've wanted to blog for quite a while, but I couldn't settle on a clever name for my blog. Seriously.

I wasn't going to let the lack of a name stop me. Most books are named after they are written, I've heard. But there was pressure to have a name first...

I had several ideas. I Googled for help.

More than Fine is a Switchfoot song I like. Pretty self explanatory when you know the song. 17.8 million hits on Google. Maybe another line from the song would work.
How about More than just ok? Googling gets you 38 million hits. Obviously not clever enough.

What about something from the Bible? I've seen lots of blogs that have used/misused phrases or acronyms or verses from the Bible. I've been thinking for months about Job 26:14.

And these are but the outer fringe of his works;
how faint the whisper we hear of him!
Who then can understand the thunder of his power?

Something From the Fringe, perhaps? 575,000 hits. The problem is, my life is not exactly fringy. This suburban pastor's wife is definitely not edgy. Unless you're talking about too much coffee on a certain day of the month.

Then I got mad. Blog Humbug, I thought. But not in quotes.

1.1 million hits. Humbug, I say.

When I was in high school, I memorized a poem by John Ciardi. Who knows where I found it or why I memorized it. It struck my imagination. It still does. Lines have popped into my head from time to time over the many years since then. The problem is, I had the first line wrong.

(I remembered it as Always, not Sometimes and maybe that is a commentary on my life for another day)

I Googled poems by John Ciardi, and didn't find it. I Googled the first line, and no luck. I finally found it by using the last line...

Sometimes Running

Sometimes running
to yes nothing and
too fast to look
where and at what
I stand and there
are trees sunning
themselves long a
brook going and
jays and jewelry
in all leafages
because I pause.
-John Ciardi

Because I Pause, when Googled in quotes, gives 87,200 hits.

I'm #2.

For now.

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